1. Spellpower – the shield benefactor

     The most useful throughoutput stat a discipline priest can get. Since you provide a shield blanket for the raid, spellpower is the way to go and don’t let yourself get convinced by some random scrubs that there is something like a sp cap. There is none and primarily aim at as much sp as you can get-the more you have, the bigger the shields.

2. Intellect – the most potent regen stat

   This is the best mana replenishment tool out there for an undergeared priest or a one having mana problems. Not only grants you a bigger mana pool and thus increases mana gained from hymn of hope or shadowfiend but also increases crit.

3. Crit – boom

      The benefits of this stat are clear as a bell and it’s convenient for any caster to have.

4.Haste – the ‘easy-to-cap’ stat

       Some priests consider this a superior stat and of course a fair amount is necessary but let’s not exaggerate the importance of it.
How much haste is enough and why you shouldn’t panic?
The cap for discipline priests is around 11%. Period. It’s obvious that you will have more than that cause most useful ICC gear pieces are crit and haste items and that’s nothing bad. It’s just important to realize that capping haste isn’t all that problematic especially since you have a few enhancers at hand (all in all, as a bis dpriest yes, you will be haste overcapped, no, don’t kill yourself)

Keep in mind that Imp. Moonkin Aura doesn’t stack with SR.
The mechanism of BT was explained in the ‘Talent’ section.

5. Spirit/mp5

         Spiritual Guidance is the key here. It’s a T5 talent in the holy tree and provides 5% additional spellpower of your total spirit. Sadly, you won’t be getting this talent as a discipline so the only advantage you get from spirit is the mana regen and we already agreed that intellect is the way to go with regen. Mp5 is even more useless.


4 thoughts on “Stats

  1. I miss some details. Alright, haste is very easy (soft)capped with ICC-gear, but what are the exact numbers?
    How much haste do i need with enlightment, borrowed time, raidbuffs.
    What’s the softcap for dpriests (like: you need 11% to reduce your GCD to 1 sec while under the effect of borrowed time), why don’t we got for a hardcap (1 sec cooldown without borrowed time).

    Int is also the better regeneration-stat because of rapture. At some point your rapture will get you more mana back than you paid for a shield. Should be covered when discussing Int.

    Crits will put little bubbles on your targets and so will hit increase your healing even more. Yeah, its important for every caster but it has its special meaning for discpriests. A crit will not only result in pure higher healing but also reduce the damage your target will get in the next seconds.

    Those may seem obvious but a good guide should cover basic information, too, and take a look at mechanics. Maybe you covered it somewhere else, but if should be explained when discussing the stats.

    Besides from that:
    Very nice work and thanks for writing the guide!


    1. Hi,

      The concept of the guide evolved with time and it’s still evolving so everything you see here probably isn’t the final form.

      You don’t have any massive theorycrafting as I prefer to discuss/explain the bigger details in the forum thread or through private messages and keep the guide as simple as possible. It was supposed to be correct and easily digestable.
      You are obviously entitled to have your opinion and that’s totally fine. There are dissimilarities with my approach tho, ie when summing up the haste stat I put the accent on the fact that it’s easy to cap as I’ve encountered people panicking about not having enough. Why would you need numbers for raw haste without BT? You’ll be running with the buff 24/7 so what’s the point of putting such info? For the sake of showing some numbers? Why even mention hardcap? For the numbers? Is that really so relevant?

      I might add a few sentences here and there but the stat section was never meant to be a data packed post. Just a brief conclusion of the tools that you have.

  2. I’m wondering spirit vs mp5.

    I have the choice to go with an item that has 30 mp5 vs 60 spirit. ALL other stats and gen colors are the same. Which is best?? I know intellect is better than either but intellect never is part of the equation with a choice like what I’m facing.


    1. I’d get the one with spirit. The value of spirit increases with the amount of intellect you have and overcaps that of mp5 by far. Since you’ll be having tons of int it’s just natural to get spirit items over mp5. Blizzard removed the mp5 stat from the game for a reason ; D

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