Key bindings

You might think, wow. Key bindings? In pve? As a disc? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

All is true, I swear.

Why do I force the idea of key binds? Simply because it enhances your effectiveness a lot, gives you more time to think and react. Not to mention that your eyes and hands aren’t so exhausted after a 3-4 hour raid like they would if you’d choose the life of a clicker. Even if you’re not convinced that you might find such a tool useful give it at least a shot.

Firstly, let’s take a look at some areas of your keyboard which could be used as good shortcuts.

As you can see there are three groups of key’s: movement, modifiers and spells/abilities.

Movement: W-forward, A-strafe left, D-strafe right (you don’t need a keyboard to turn your char around, you got your mouse for that), S-back (this one is debatable, I personally don’t feel the urge to backpedal but it’s all a matter of personal choice).

Modifiers: ALT, CTRL and SHIFT are modificators used in macros to alter your spells; can also be used as independent key binds

Spells/abilities: now this is the ultimate “Key bindings Disneyland” for your average Joe.

Secondly, it’s crucial to highlight the essential spells before binding them to any of your keys.

Let’s take Steve

Steve is a bright player so he made a list of all the spells he uses the most: Power Word: Shield, Prayer of Mending, Penance, Renew, Flash Heal/GH/, Power Infusion, Abolish Disease, Mass Dispel, Desperate Prayer, Pain Suppression, Prayer of Healing, Divine Hymn, Hymn of Hope, Shadowfiend, Fear, Fear Ward. We got here shields, heals, dispels, mana replenishment tools and crowd control.

Now, Steve has to refer to the earlier paragraph and take a look at the keyboard. ` 1 2 3 4 5 6 Q E R T F C V Z are the key’s he can use and so the outcome looks like this:

As a result, Steve doesn’t have to compulsively click his mouse buttons to activate a skill and doesn’t look silly anymore.

If you’re addicted to clicking and have the constant urge to click, play this game instead


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