I’m a fan of minimalism when it comes to UI so I won’t provide you with addon packs but rather suggestions concerning some tools which might turn out helpful for you.

1. Raid Frames: Grid + GridSideIndicators + GridIndicatorSideIcons (GridManaBars alternatively)

Imo, being a good healer is all about smart usage of tools that provide you with an overview of your raids’ situation. Keeping track of important raid health indexes and debuffs and being able to make critical decisions is what can lead to either success or struggle. That’s why choosing raid frames and moulding them as you please is so important.

There’s not much choice when it comes to reliable raid frame addons: it’s either Healbot, Vuhdo or Grid. Healbot and Vuhdo are flashy mods that don’t require any adjustment, you basically download them, turn on and play. But they’re too flashy in my opinion which is why I find Grid superb.
You can track every debuff or aura you want, it’s actually pretty easy to modify once you understand how it works, looks neat, has lot’s of options and doesn’t bug as often as the others do.
I’d like to present you with a quick guide as to how add stuff you like (the fast way)

I want to add Infest tracking

Right click the circled icon>status>auras>add new debuff>type in Infest and hit ENTER

GZ, you’ve added your first aura tracking. Now choose the way you want it to be presented on Grid.

Ok, I want Infest in the middle of a players’ bar

No problem, right click on the Grid icon again>frame>center icon>choose Infest from the list and viola

This is how it’ll look like

Well, that’s great but now I want to add shield and Weakened Soul tracking

Mkay, since you want to keep it neat and orderly I suggest downloading GridSideIndicator. The name is selfexplanatory: this plugin adds 4 side indicators to your grid. The menu looks like this:

From the list choose Power Word:Shield and a small icon of the shield will now appear every time you cast it. The same goes for Weakened Soul, just pick another localisation, ie the bottom icon and you’ll get something like this:

2. Ingela’s Rapture – an addon showing the Rapture talent proc, a must have

3. Skada – a no brainer if you want a credible addon to calculate your shield absorbs; Recount also has such a filter but it’s very inaccurate

4. DBM + BigWigs – reliable boss timers

5. Power Auras – a powerful addon to track shit loads of things: trinkets, procs, buffs, debuffs, dots, hots, auras, mana/hp state and much more

6. OmniCC – shows you the spell cooldowns in a vivid way

7. CombatLogFix – tired of having to reset your recount manually? Get this and you will no longer have to spam that retarded macro

As some people seek inspiration, my UI


Yes, I play without skillbars as I got binds for every spell/consumable/buff I use. In this context, an essential element was to get an addon to track cooldowns – in my case it was SexyCooldown.

The raid frames I use is Grid enhanced with Grid mana bars and side indicators. It’s set to track every important buff/debuff in all the ICC encounters and benefactory spells of other healer classes.



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