Long story short, if you ever played a resto druid or a holy priest you will probably be familiar with mouseover macros.

You know, that awesome feature allowing you to react  on raids even faster without taking  drugs (☞゚∀゚)☞

Guess what, as a discipline priest you’ll find those also very handy.

Mouseover macro for PW:S

/cast [@mouseover] Power Word: Shield

Mouseover macro for Renew

/cast [@mouseover] Renew

Mouseover macro for Dispel

/cast [@mouseover] Dispel Magic(Rank 2)

Mouseover macro for Abolish Disease

/cast [@mouseover] Abolish Disease

0% mana Divine Hymn

#show Divine Hymn
/cast Inner Focus
/cast Divine Hymn

PS on the target you choose/hold alt for a selfcast

/cast [modifier:alt,target=player][@target] Pain Suppression

PI on the target you choose/hold alt for a selfcast

/cast [modifier:alt,target=player][@target] Power Infusion

Send out pet/make it attack

#showtooltip Shadowfiend
/cast [nopet] Shadowfiend
/cast [harm, pet] Shadowcrawl; [target=pettarget, pet] Shadowcrawl

One-button raid buff

/castsequence Prayer of Fortitude, Prayer of Spirit, Prayer of Shadow Protection

Flash Heal/hold alt for GH

/cast [nomod] Flash Heal;
/cast [mod:alt] Greater Heal

Essential macro for true fgts

/yell Ishnu-dal-dieb.  Elune be with you

These are basic pve macros. I don’t think there’s a need for complex one’s in pve

Also, note that my modifier is ALT but I’m forced to use it because I have small hands. You can change it to a SHIFT or CTRL.


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