LK strat


Start to shield before the encounter begins. Usually, once you see the line Champions, attack!, you should spam PW:S (remember that putting a shield on one of the tanks means insta pop and rapture proc, so don’t do that)

Phase 1

  • pom the tank
  • PI on one of the rdps
  • abolish Necrotic Plague (if you are in charge of that)
  • keep up Grace on the tank
  • toss in a penance on the mt or ot if needed
  • shield, shield, shield (Infest hits every 20 seconds)
  • keep track of rapture(!)

Transition phase

  • pop your trinket if you have the Scale
  • pom on the ot
  • shield in case of an emergency
  • penance if needed
  • if there’s a need for aoe healing, use PoH
  • start shielding once you see the Quake notification
  • dispel the silecend tanks if you’re in range

Phase 2

  • there might be a need for PS at start (if not, there will be later on when the tanks start to get Soul Reaper)
  • eat up infest every 20 seconds (approximately ofc)
  • place good defiles ^^
  • pom on the tanks
  • pray for the valks to miss

Transition phase

  • pop your trinket
  • pom the ot/mt
  • dispel silenced tanks if you’re in range
  • penance if needed
  • help with healing using PoH

Phase 3

  • pom the tank
  • maintain as many shields as possible (very crucial-although there’s no infest to eat up there will be lot’s of spirits who want your raid dead)
  • penance if needed
  • once the tank is out of cooldowns and still has to absorb spirits, use PS
  • PI on one of the rdps
  • place good defiles
  • heal up people hit by spirits
  • shield, shield, shield

All in all, chill, even if you mess up one infest it probably won’t mean an instant wipe. These are just key rules you should be following to avoid stupid fails and keep in mind that not every encounter looks the same. Don’t get discouraged if the absorb meter isn’t as good as you’d expect it to be ;)

a vid walthrough will be added


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