The only stat you are going for is spellpower. No haste(!), no spirit(!!!). About not gemming spirit I’m super cereal you guys :^/

Red Socket=> Runed Cardinal Ruby

Blue Socket=> Runed Cardinal Ruby

Yellow Socket=> Runed Cardinal Ruby

What you could is play a bit with crit but that’s only when your bubbles are at least of 10k-11k damage absorb. However, I’d rather you pick orange crit gems instead of going for a full, yellow one.

One more thing,

Which meta do I pick?

Insightful Earthsiege Diamond

But, but, it needs a blue gem for activation and you said to gem full spellpower

Purified Dreadstone / Seer’s Eye of Zul / Nightmare Tear


4 thoughts on “Gemming

  1. Hi there, wondering if you would be able to tell me the match up between Insightful Earthsiege and Ember Skyflare diamonds. Since we stack SP would the Skyflare not pull ahead, and if so what is the difference?


    1. Hi and I appreciate the question.

      Also, apologies for the delay in replying but I wanted to raid a bit just to get some raw data and an overview of the Insightful meta proc.

      Ember Skyflare:
      25 spellpower + 2% intellect

      Treat this gem as an extra sp slot, which you will have massive amounts from gear, gems and enchants. Not to mention consumables and potential raid buffs like totems, pally buffs and such.
      Even as a green priest, I wouldn’t go for this meta as it doesn’t give you that much benefit.

      Insightful Earthsiege:
      21 intellect + chance to restore mana on spellcast

      Now, there is an inner cooldown for this one: 15 seconds. However, the proc rate is still very high.
      Every proc nets you 600 mana.

      You might think that if it’s a proc meta, it’s probably broken and doesn’t like you so you won’t get that much mana back.

      Think again!

      These are my mana gains from a single run. I would say it’s quite high and it literally procs of any spellcast. As I already said in a different reply here, it’s a total killer.


    1. Cheers,

      I highly doubt there is any logical point in getting a different meta.

      The Insightful meta gives you the comfort of forgetting about mana problems.

      The proc is so high and the mana returns so big that, for example, it let’s you get pure spellpower trinkets.

      This is my proc rate and mgains from a single 25m raid, excluding two bosses:

      Plus, you get a dash of crit to it.

      What do you get from Ember Skyflare?

      +25spellpower which is an extra socket but you will have enough spellpower from gear and gems anyways. Does +- 25 matter that much? Nope.

      What else do you get?
      2% intellect. That does sound appealing until you do the math.

      Let’s say we have a priest with 1.7k int translated into a 30k mana pool.

      The equation would be then:
      2%(0,02) x 1.700 = 34

      Is that worth it?

      Certainly not.

      Just to check how it looks ingame I used my priest as a clinical experiment.

      Mana before regemming-> 30.313
      Mana after getting Ember meta-> 30.478

      And again, is that worth dropping an everlasting +600 mana proc, certainly it isn’t.

      Hope I asnwered your question.

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