There’s not much room for variation when it come’s to a discipline talent tree and the only differences would involve minor alterations.

This is the build containing the essential talent’s of a discipline priest. I called it a build but it actually lacks a few talent points. You can put them in Absolution for cheaper dispels, Improved Flash Heal for cheaper FH or into Spell Warding for spell damage reduction. The most retarded place to spend points is Reflective Shield, Silent Resolve, Martyrdom and Improved Mana Burn. I’m just saying this because I’ve seen disc priests who call themselves ‘skilled’ and have taken such traits ಠ_ಠ

The build I’m running

I don’t run out of mana and this is why I dropped Imp. FH and Absolution. Plus, I like Spell Warding a lot (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧


  1. The performance of the build

Bonus tip for you Borrowed Time users out there:

The haste buff lasts 6 seconds (after every PW:S cast) unless it’s consumed earlier.

When is it consumed?

It fades when you cast a spell that actually has a cast time, ie. Flash Heal and Prayer of Healing. Channelings and instants don’t eat up the buff.

Then how do you maximize the BT buff?

After casting a shield, pop Penance, followed by a Prayer of Mending or Renew and top it with a Flash Heal. This way you maintain the beast 25% haste buff and thus use the talent at it’s full potential.


3 thoughts on “Talents

  1. Just a quick question. What’s the use of Holy Reach? We don’t use those spells and you said yourself in the glyphs section that the other healer will most likely be done topping the other players before our cast is off, so, why? Is it for Hymn? One more question this one is kinda’ stupid :P Is the t9 not t10 4 set bonus worth it? Like should I drop the ICC BoE cloth shoulders for t9 ones both have same stats just the BoE has higher obviously. Oh and on last thing Imp. Renew. What’s the reason for not taking that talent even though you mentioned its glyph and in its explanation that with the exception to Sindra and LK Renew is useful. Just asking questions I mean no offence :P Thanks alot for the guide it’s real great. :D

    1. Apologies for the late reply, is very rude of me but vacation in progress.

      Anyhow, if you check out the talent section you’ll see that the first pic I posted was a build listing all the essential disc priest talents. I stand by my point that you can easily play with just these talents.

      However, since you have a few extra points left why spend em? You can use them for something that will give you a direct advantage or not. Literally however, after you’ve chosen the crucial talents, there’s no critical winner among the rest. Improved Mana Burn? Martyrdom? Feel free to share some hints. I believe Holy Reach isn’t as trashy as Martyrdom or Divine Fury, duh. Obviously, I picked it for the Hymn/PoH range which I find convenient during Lik Ching or Rot.
      I could’ve picked Improved Renew but after tracking my raid activity in terms of spell usage I saw no reason for that.

      Which brings us to the Imp. Renew question. Picking and using Imp. Renew, thus including Renew in your top 3 most used spells, is imo a matter of personal choice and shouldn’t be forced upon any disc priest. That’s also why I find it a viable talent (and thus I mention the glyph as well) and never wrote it shouldn’t be taken at all.
      After years of retail and TC2 gameplay and analysis I came to the conclusion that I managed to achieve peek performance without Renew.

      About t9 vs t10. I’ll be very simple about this tho I’m working on an in-depth analysis. Will take forever, yes, I know.
      The t9 bonus is a boost to Divine Aegis which isn’t a talent you control. It’s rng based just like crit heals in general. From five players you heal with a PoH you’re in no power to decide who gets the bubble. Now, I consider this too little of a feature. Do you see where I’m getting at?
      On the other hand, the t10 bonus is a direct increase of a spell your whole class is based on.
      Now this is just one issue but quite important. Overall performance of both bonuses shows the figures are in favor of t10.

      Why would I be offended by questions or requests to be more elaborate or specific on certain issues? Am super happy and open to debate at any time.


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