Now before choosing gear let’s revise pieces of info we already gathered. The stat prio is sp>int*if low on mana>crit>haste*if capped>spirit/mp5 and this should be your key in bidding/stealing items. To back this up, you’re playing on patch 3.3.5a and the high end content you’ll be farming is ICC and Ruby Sanctum. Both of these are raids that encourage hps-burst to hps-sustainability. Feel with it.

Equipped with knowledge like this you should be able to make gear choices that best benefit yourself, your playstyle and your raid colleagues. I’ve prepared some bits and pieces on those potential choices and tried to shed some light on a few discussible issues.



4 thoughts on “Gear

    1. It’s not so horrible. I mean, it’s obvious that on your path to obtaining the most optimal gear you will be forced to wear different gear.

      Archus is as good of a pick as Dying Light. However, I’d never put it above the mace and oh.

      Let’s scan the important stats:

      Archus: 893 spellpower + 141 haste + 141 spirit
      Additional bonuses are 3 red sockets which can be gemmed with Cardinal Rubies. Getting an enchant adds 81 spellpower.

      All together the stats look like this: 1043 spellpower
      141 haste
      141 spirit

      Mace: 893 spellpower + 55 crit + 71 haste
      You also get a red socket worth 23 sp and an enchant of 63 sp.

      OH: 119 spellpower + 68 crit + 68 haste

      The stat summary looks like this:
      1098 spellpower
      139 haste
      123 crit

      Concluding, we get:
      1043 sp vs 1098 sp
      141 haste vs 139 haste
      141 spirit vs 0 spirit
      0 crit vs 123 crit

      Now, the spellpower difference isn’t something THAT big too make a fuss about it. The haste provided by both is quite similar as well, ugh.
      Archus adds spirit to your overall stat pool which isn’t a prio stat. Do you consider that a benefit?
      Contrastively, the mh+oh combo cuts the spirit thing and adds crit instead.
      Would you consider that a good switch?

      Personally, if I’d be a holy I’d prolly get a boner for Archus. There’s just so much to leech off. Loads of spellpower, some spirit and good haste rating.

      Unfortunately, or not, I focus on discipline play and that is why I always chose crit if there is some to get.
      Now, That is the main difference between the weapons in ICC.

      That’s also why, in the end, your pick as a dpriest should always be the mace and the Spindle.

      Yes, I know it’s hard to compete against rdpsers in the battle for the OH and with the other half for the mace, but you’ll be better off having this setup than settling for Archus ;)

  1. Why 5x T10? With BPC hands you lose 16 spirit, but gain 13 spell power via extra gem and 8 haste, which seems to be better. The real question is whether I should use T10 hands with non-set ilvl264 legs from Fester 10HC: -23sp -106spirit -16int +96crit. I guess I would pick 96 crit over 23 spell power, so the real question is does disc priest have mana problems when BIS and do I need that spirit and int?

    1. I believe I put down the priest T10 dps legs not the healer ones ; d
      The Fester legs are also quite handy and perfectly ok. The difference with the T10 shadow priest legs would be something around +26points of crit, +10 points of spellpower in favor of the T10 dps set. Is that enough to cry about? Not really.

      The mana bleeding depends on your playstyle, it’s actually quite easy to oom even with great gear when you’re shielding like a dumbass.
      The spirit hands are crap, go for the offset legs.

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