To spirit or not to spirit?

Ahhh yes, spirit gear, we meet again. Why do I even publish a spirit dedicated page?

Just to prove a point and give some visualization of how irrelevant spirit gear is on patch 3.3.5a.

Dave: But mom, I have mana problems, I don’t know how to properly control my mana so I’d like to stick to spirit gear. Stop trippin and acknowledge me! *autistic screaching*

Mom: Dave, son, you cannot rely on spirit gear to regen your mana. There is simply not enough time for that and you basically chop off all favorable stats.

To back this up I prepared a short chart that compares the most viable min-max gear sets and their spirit equivalent. Where did I even get a set like that? I just looked up a few ‘discipline priests’ from some top/almost top Molten pve guilds xD

The set I’ve patched up looks something like this and remember kids, this is only for fun! I repeat, do not try this on your own characters!



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