Set comparison


Example set nr 1 – T10 shadow legs

The shadow priest legs play the role of the filler here. Why is that? Sure, they’ve got a useless stat like hit but they also have a batch of crit. Also, the build I’m running.


This is how the distribution of stats looks like in this set.


Example set nr 2 – T10 healer legs

The legendary San’lyan gloves switched with the T10 ones.



Example set nr 3 – Fester 10hc legs

Over here, the leg slot has been filled with the Festergut 10hc cloth legs.



These charts give you a broader insight on how the particular sets are constructed and what they actually provide you with.


Below, you can see a summary of those.




Hope this helps in broadening your perspectives :)


All the summaries have been made without trinkets as Abacus and GTS are considered BiS and provide the same amount of stats thus change nothing in an overall comparison.

I have put aside filling up gem slots as well, just compared raw stats.




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