Let’s talk bling’n’axes

Accessories. Off parts. Weapons. What’s in right now?

The starting point when evaluating potential gear choices/changes is always spellpower. You have to hoard as much as possible and I believe that’s clear for everyone.

Always keep in mind the key stats and how you should prioritize them given the current state of your armor slots.

The best blend of spellpower/crit/haste/gem slots would look like this:

Neck: Blood Queen’s Crimson Choker

Back: Cloak of Burning Dusk

Bracers: Bracers of Fiery Night

Belt: Crushing Coldwraith Belt

Boots: Plague Scientist’s Boots

Ring: Ashen Band of Endless Wisdom

Ring: Ring of Rapid Ascent


When it comes to trinkets you still go according to the stat section key. Cause spellpower is king and these two provide the highest sp amount in game (yes, the proc of Abacus is gay and not worth mentioning but you don’t take it cause of the proc). Both of these give you a shot of 416 raw spellpower which is amazing.

Trinket: Althor’s Abacus

Trinket: Glowing Twilight Scale


In terms of weapons there is only one pick and that’s a MH+OH

Mace: Royal Scepter of Terenas II

OH: Shadow Silk Spindle

Wandpewpew: Corpse-Impaling Spike





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