What you’d ideally want to do:

  • PI on one of the rdps once unchained magic is distributed
  • preshield the healers and rdps
  • keep as many shields as possible for the blistering
  • pom the tank
  • during the third phase keep an eye on the tank and PS if needed, you might also be forced to toss in a few BT prayer of healing
  • find a balance between reactive and proactive shielding
  • remember about the debuffs!

What’s good to track on Grid:

Permeating Cold -> shows melee debuff stacks

Unchained Magic -> shows which rdps/heal debuff has the debuff leading to Instability

Instability -> the outcome of Unchained Magic so the actual name of the stacks rdp/heal receive after EVERY spellcast

Frost Beacon -> shows the guy who’s going to be a tomb in a few seconds

Ice Tomb -> the actual tomb debuff

Mystic Buffet -> you might want to track this, but it’s not mandatory. It just provides you with knowledge who should hide asap to reset the stacks. Also you don’t have to click your tanks to see the amount of stacks


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