What you’d ideally want to do:

  • PI on one of the rdps after heroism/bloodlust
  • shield + renew people with mutated infection (or shield + penance)
  • BT prayer of healing people who are taking huge amounts of damage
  • shield reactively
  • don’t be afraid to use binding heal

What’s good to track on Grid:

Vile Gas-> just like on Fester this debuff disorients the char making it unable for the player to control it, shield, heal, whatever, just save ;)

Mutated Infection -> the DoT which releases a small ooze. First of all it deals a bit of damage and thus has to be healed. Second, be aware who has the debuff so you can easily dispel it right before the fight ends

Ooze Flood -> the debuff a player gets when standing in the slime puddles. Reduces movement so help people affected by it.


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