What you’d ideally want to do:

  • Fear Ward yourself (unless you’re a human/ud then you can FW another heal)
  • don’t overdo with the healing before the bite
  • shield reactively
  • mass dispel the fear
  • depending on your healer comp find the balance between healing and shielding during the air phase
  • don’t forget about recasting Fear Ward
  • during the air phase, consider shielding yourself and binding heal spam (prio the people with bites)

What’s good to track on Grid:

Swarming Shadows -> shows the player who has to place flames

Essence of the Blood Queen -> shows the player who has the bite buff. You can switch on the timer to see when’s the time to pass the bite

Frenzied Bloodthirst -> the state a player reaches when he/she HAS to literally bite asap

Uncontrollable Frenzy -> shows people you lost due to brain lag/net lag due to not passing the bite forward


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