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discipline priest pve guide



Who am I?

I’ve been playing the discipline priest spec on Moltens’ Wrath realms for five years now (on retail since the Burning Crusade expansion, throughout Wrath and a bit of Cataclysm). During my gameplay I visited retarded guilds, Bulgarian guilds, Polish guilds, horde guilds and a few exceptional end-game guilds all of which gave me the opportunity to confront my approach towards the disc priest with other people and enhance my knowledge.

Why make a dedicated blog instead of just posting a walk-through on the forum?

I believe the Molten discipline priest community deserves a neat place where the most accurate information about the spec, gear and strats would be stored. Secondly, it’s also a response to the recently growing requests concerning guidelines of ‘how to disc’. Thirdly, a very egoist way of expressing my love for this spec.

hit me on montel Icecrown Shambls


logs to track my activity and performance


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  1. I didnt find any thoughts on professions. They may be the same for most casters (except a disc priest doesnt benefit from haste-on-demand from engineering), but in my opinion you should cover that field if you want to write a complete guide.
    Thanks for your work!!

    1. Proactive shielding would be shielding based on particular time stamps during the encounter. In other words, you know there’s damage incoming and thus you shield beforehand to help absorb as much as possible. To give a tangible example, Frost Volley on Lady, Infest on LK etc.

      Reactive shielding would be just your average shielding when someone is taking damage in a real time perspective, Plague on Prof, standing in DnD on Lady etc.

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